2019 – promotion 3 : MSc “Sustainable Food Systems”

Thomas RANCON from France

RANCON-Thomas-0737Photo pour le site SusFoods 2“Hello! I’m Thomas and I come from Lyon, in France. There I have been studying at ISARA for 4 years before moving away to Gent in Belgium; following this pathway I came to realize to which extent the environmental footprint of our current food system impairs the regenerative abilities of our planet, and how the entanglement with social issues seems to prevent us from going forward. However, I keep believing that those issues could be sorted out, and to know more about the solutions I decided to join the MSc Sustainable Food Systems.

Thanks to what I have experienced through my year of exchange studies, such as attending a symposium given by the founder of the “Planet boundaries” concept, I am really motivated to bring about changes in our current food systems because changing is an emergency! I am unpassionate into baking every possible type of desserts (along with bakery products), which, apart from showing how greedy I can be, allowed me to grasp the need for tasty, home-like foodstuffs. Hoping that we could continue producing yummy food products in a respectful manner for everyone, I would like to reach out the food industry sector and help it evolving from the inside with cleaner technologies, better management systems and a more organized supply chain”.

Pablo LOPES GALLO from Colombia 


« I am following this master mainly because I would like to change the food industry to a more sustainable way, try to give enough food for everybody while preserving the planet. During this master, you can follow a lot of courses which helps you to undestand what is sustainabily and how to reach those causes. This is mainly why I am here.

In Colombia, I studied management and agricultureI started this programme last year in september in Belgium. I learned very usefull tools about sustainability. Then I went to Germany, I made a lot of academic contacts very usefull when building your carrier. And now we are here in France, also very nice because you’re changing the language, the culture and you learn a lot. Even if the countries are very closed, the cultures change.

Last week, we have been in Italy for a field trip. Italy has a very old and important food culture. And during the trip, we could see how they are attached to their company, how they protect their practices and the food that they made. We visited small companies and big one like Lavazza… It was very interesting. We learned how they produced their products and how they are related to sustainability. The fieldtrip was a very good opportunity also to mix with the other students because we are all day long with people from our courses. »


Maike CARTSBURG from Germany 


« I studied nutritional sciences before for my bachelor in Munich, I decided to start with this master programme in sustainable food systems as I wanted to know more in a scientifical way how food is produced from the agricultural part, up to the consumers. What is involved in this all process and this master are perfect to know more about the food chain, to be more efficient and sustainable to ensure for the future that we have food enough for the all world.

I started the master programme in Germany in the university of Kassel and Fulda. We learned a lot about sustainability and sustainable nutrition which gave me very good bases for the second semester in Danemark where I had several courses in agriculture, food technology and consumers side. It combines very good this 3 parts in the supply chain.

For the third semester, I am here in ISARA for studying the all sustainable development within the food industry. We started the semester with a trip in Italy visiting different food industries, cheese production, ham production, flour production… and a big company like Lavazza. We had a big range of companies from small companies to bigger company so we could have a good insight on how they produced their food as well as the sustainability behind it. »


Ohemaa Achiaa AGBOLOSOO-MENSAH from Ghana 

GHANA-MSc-SFS-BD« I Studied for my bachelor, agriculture : crop science, animal science, social science,  economics and horticulture.  After my bachelor, I decided to be more specific and to move in just one direction. I decided to focus on organic agriculture, but during my research for my master, I thought there was something more than organic wich is called sustainability, bringing me to study the all food systems.

I started my master in Germany, as a joined european programme, you could travel a lot which was very exciting for me because I love to travel.I did my both first semesters in Germany Kassel and Fulda, studying Food quality management, supply chain, strategic management and learned more and more about industry. For my third semester, I am  studying at ISARA, in France.

Last week, we visited Italy, Parm and Torino, meeting big industrial companies like Lavazza and ham industry. Very interesting because it was an opportunity to do the link with what I had studied in Germany on food quality, from production to consumers. I could meet industry’s players, ask questions and put my knowledge into practice. I was happy to have knowledge in pur agriculture and move on sustainability and undestand food indutries and see what goes on in there. »


Richard NORIEGA GOYAS from Perou 

PEROU-MSc-SFS« I studied for my bachelor in agri industry engineering and agri business in Lima. I decided to come at Isara to study master in sustainability which is nowadays a trending regarding good health, good food and good production.I like this master because you are in different places. The first year I studied in Germany, in the university of Kassel and Fulda. I studied for one year sustainable supply chain.

I travelled a lot with this master, and with Isara we went to Italy for the course, Sustainable development in Food Industries. It was great, we all know that Italy has a really long history regarding food culture. I thought it was very interesting to notice how the indutries are nowadays concerned by sustainability from small size companies to bigger one.

Passioned by food, I am so glad to be in France. I can eat everyday cheese, saucisson and bred which I love so much J.» 

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