Silvia Sibille from Italy holds a bachelor’s degree in gastronomic sciences and has been part of the Sustainable Food Systems Program since 2018. She spent her first semester in Witzenhausen and then continued her studies in Ghent and Lyon.

In order to write her master thesis, she moved to Recklinghausen in Germany. There, she is employed at Lebewehr, an organic supermarket and restaurant, where she organizes tastings and workshops about food sustainability. The main objective of the internship is to improve the communication system of the supermarket and analyse the main communication ways in practice, consumers’ expectations and perceptions and develop further improvements.

Her mission is to explore the main potential points of the supermarket to promote sustainability and develop new strategies to better convey information about sustainability behind the products to consumers through the purchase phase.

This is done though the organisation of tastings and workshops which can help to narrow the knowledge gap of the consumer regarding the product. Therefore, in her research she wants to understand which role the food retail store plays to sensitize the consumer to a more sustainable consumption, how to better convey the information about sustainability to consumers, how the sustainable food provision can be explained to consumers through the purchase phase and how the sustainability can be further applied at the household level in the use phase.