A complete programme…

MSc graduates in Sustainable Food Systems have a profound understanding of the food supply chain enabling them to integrate sustainability issues in every step of the production process.

sustainable-food-systemsThey are able to think systematically, and they have the know-how to operate new technologies. They have an increased awareness towards sustainability efforts in the different departments of a company.

These graduates are excellent communicators and acquainted with presenting and reporting skills. They are able to work in teams and to develop an organised approach for project work.




A full profile from R&D to Marketing…

They will have experience with all departments within a company going from R&D, sales, to marketing and finance. In this way, they are able to work with an integrated approach to problems within a company.


International approach
Moreover, the international perspective is an integrated part of this degree and its learning environment.

MSc-graduatesThe cohorts will consist of students from various European and non-European countries, and the teaching staff will also involve professors with different nationalities, enabling exchange of different visions and contexts on the same subject.

Finally, the obligation to study at a minimum of two different universities will strengthen the acquisition of intercultural skills and foreign languages by the students.

As a result the graduates are able to work in international environments and to manage intercultural teams.