Integration packages

When joining the sustainable food systems programme, you can be sure to be taken good care of.

All universities offer integration packages with a wide range of services, such as introduction activities, buddy programmes, language and cultural programmes, as well as special needs services.






Practical and academic information which will help you to get an understanding of the general procedures valid for this programme.

sustainable-food-systemsBut also the different university structures, administrative procedures and integration packages that vary across countries and universities.

More about integration packages in each partner's university
Check each destination at the websites listed below to find out more about integration packages. Through the university website you can also find out more about on-campus and off-campus events, different clubs and organisations, and you can get to know your city.
Belgium, Ghent University
Denmark, Aarhus University
France, ISARA-Lyon
Germany, Fulda University of Applied Sciences or University of Kassel
Romania, USAMV Cluj

In the event that you did not find the information required, the SusFoods coordinator will be happy to support you.