University Registration
Every time you arrive at a new university, you need to register to confirm your arrival and also to receive a welcome package.


Academic Calendars
Academic calendars will vary across universities in the SusFoods programme. We recommend that you check the academic calendars for the universities that you choose as
part of your individual programme.

Course Registration
When choosing courses, you MUST follow the specified SusFoods curriculum.

Study, Examination and Grading Systemsacademic-information
As a SusFoods student you will experience new teaching, study and examination methods as well as different grading scales every time you arrive at a new university.

More Information
Find detailed academic information for each destination at the websites listed below.

Belgium, Ghent University
Denmark, Aarhus University
France, ISARA-Lyon
Germany, Fulda University of Applied Sciences or University of Kassel
Romania, USAMV Cluj