MSc Sustainable Food Systems

is developed on the basis of advice from the job market and designed to provide graduates with a strong basis within sustainable food production combined with an individual and international profile.

Sustainable Food Systems is offered as a joint degree by a European consortium of six universities. University of Kassel and Fulda University of Applied Sciences are to be considered as one home university as the two institutions are offering modules for the programmes together.


Mobility Scheme

All students will be studying at minimum two different universities. The universities where students are accepted in the first semester is referred to as the home university. For the second semester students can choose to stay at the home university or study at one of the other partner universities (host universities). It is obligatory for all students enrolled in this programme to spend the third semester at ISARA Lyon. Students can choose between all partners except Aarhus University for their fourth semester.

Semester Package to Master's thesis


Programme Structure


The first semester will offer a common basic semester package in three different countries and provide a common e-learning module on introduction to sustainability. The first semester will educate students in basic competencies like entrepreneurship, intercultural communication, food legislation, and supply chain.

MSc-programmeIn the second semester students can choose from four different specialization packages, enabling them to create an individual profile. The four specialization packages are: Sustainable Supply Chain, Economics, Food Technology and Microstructure or Raw Materials and Nutrition.

The third semester is an obligatory applied semester. Students will take part in two projects based on strong cooperation of ISARA with several French companies. This semester will educate students in research projects and group work in order to incorporate transversal and soft skills.

During the fourth semester students will perform a master’s thesis.

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The objectives of the Master’s thesis are as follow:

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  • Independent realisation of a research project on a topic related to sustainability in food supply chains, with relevance to international research
  • Ability to apply the theories, concepts and methods acquired during the study programme, to document the application and reflexion of research methods, as well as to generate own theses and reflect them within the international research context.
  • Ability to present and explain the planning and progress of the thesis and the methodological background
  • Ability to present and defense of the thesis in the colloquium