- SusFoods graduates have knowledge on the complete chain of the food industry  from farm to fork, and are able to identify and control the factors affecting sustainability in this chain, e.g. courses such as Introduction to Sustainability and Innovative Product Development.

- SusFoods graduates know state of the art technologies used to plan, perform and control sustainable food production and processing, e.g. Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development in Food Industries and Food Processing and Managerial Innovation.

- SusFoods graduates will obtain the background knowledge to be able to evaluate and solve problems within a food company related to sustainable food production, bearing in mind the different departments within a company.

Watch our video : "A journey from farm to fork" - project work from University of Kassel & University of Applied Sciences Fulda, supervisor: Prof. Dr. Angelika Ploeger









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- SusFoods graduates employ a range of strategies to solve complex, unfamiliar problems in various contexts.

- SusFoods graduates know the function of all departments of a food company from R&D to production, sales, marketing and accounting.

- SusFoods graduates are skilled in systemic thinking when solving problems and working within a complex environment such as a food company.


- SusFoods graduates have the competencies required  to work in international settings and teams and to manage a multidisciplinary international team.

- SusFoods graduates can manage the complexity of interactions within a food company related to matters in sustainable food production.