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A double degree programme

Two European educational institutes specialized in agricultural studies and food science joined their forces and staff in order to deliver this master program in Sustainable Food Systems.

The main benefits for students enrolling in this partnership include:

  • Exposure to different teaching and research methods and systems
  • Possibility of selecting their course preference for one of the semesters
  • Provide a vast range of electives and compulsory modules dealing with sustainability in food systems
  • Opportunity to study in at least two different institutions thus different countries and broadening of the cultural and social experience
  • Expand their connections since they would have workshops and conferences with several international companies
International students of the MSc Sustainable Food Systems

Isara (France)

ISARA is a private engineering university recognized by the French Ministry of Agriculture and known for its specializations in agricultural, food and environmental sciences.

It offers a wide range of training in these sciences but is mainly recognized for its focus on two areas which are:

  • Agroecology and sustainable food systems
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
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One of ISARA’s campuses is located in Lyon where we host Msc Stunaible Food systems students. It is situated in a dynamic environment since it is considered close to companies, research centers and professionals working in the agriculture, food, rural development and environment sectors.

Highlights of Lyon

  • Ranked as the second most student populated city in France,
  • Known as one of the most gastronomical cities in the world,
  • Possesses a rich cultural background,
  • The “old town” was appointed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

UniversitA   Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Italy)

Universita  Cattolica del Sacro Cuore is ranked as one of the largest private universities in Europe. It stands out from other academic institutions because of its multidisciplinary curriculum, industrial ties and strong international focus.

It is also internationally recognized for the advances and progresses being done in the field of scientific research and in the quality and innovation of the teaching methods and curriculum used.

logo Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
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The university campus is located in Cremona, which is known as the capital of music in the Lombardy region in Italy and is also described as immersed in the food valley. Which makes it ideal for studying all dimensions and stages of the agro-food supply chain from farm to fork.

Highlights of Cremona

  • Known for its torrone and the famous annual torrone festival
  • Recognized for its medieval architecture especially in the main town square
  • Known for its pocket friendly and fresh market held on Wednesday and Saturday in Piazza Antonio Stradivari
  • Famous for its Violin and Archeological Museums

University of Ghent (Ghent, Belgium)

University of Ghent is ranked as one of the top 100 universities worldwide and is also known as one of the major universities in Belgium. It is also one of the first European universities to have a Global Campus in South Korea. Finally, it offers around 200 different courses in its 11 faculties and is a hub for international students.

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The campus is located in the largest city of the Flanders region which is a Dutch speaking area. It is also known as a multicultural city that serves as a home for many different nationalities.

Highlights of Ghent

  • Known for its well preserved medieval city center and rich cultural experience
  • Recognized for its large public squares and market places especially the one held on Fridays’.
  • Known for its various activities, cuisines and nightlife.
  • Famous for its medieval to hip street art exhibitions.
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