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Our Master of Science programme in sustainability meets the challenges of the food sector…


Our European double degree programme is a two-year international master’s degree aiming at educating future academics and managers for food companies and organisations to manage food processing and other food production related activities in a sustainable way.

This master program was developed and designed to meet the demands of the current job market while providing students an understanding of the concept of  sustainability and how it can be integrated throughout the food supply chain.

Two european Higher Education Institutes Isara (France), Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Italy) & Ghent University in the field of agriculture and food science have joined forces to offer the Susfoods Master programme.

Sustainability is an important aspect for the food sector. There is a high demand for qualified professionals who are able to understand the topics of sustainability “from farm to fork” and how to integrate and implement sustainability in the food chain.

Programme Type : European Double degree programme

Participative universities Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Italy), University of Ghent (Belgium), Isara (France)

Place of teaching Cremona (Italy), Ghent (Belgium), Lyon (France)

Language : English


Duration : 2 years


Funds and Funding : EUR 5,000 / year – Scholarships available

Programme : studying at least in 2 different countries and institutions

Testimonies : They follow our programme…

Career perspectives : strong network  in food sector and good job prospects.

Deadline is now over fot the next academic year. Application for 2024 will be open in September !

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Programme semester details

FIRST Semester – Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Italy)

  • Introduction to sustainability of food systems (e-learning) – 05 ECTS
  • Economic impact of agricultural and food regulations – 05 ECTS
  • Food footprint: the environmental impact of the agro-food chain – 05 ECTS
  • Food Supply Chain Management – 05 ECTS
  • Biochemistry of food – 04 ECTS
  • Food microbiology for food production – 06 ECTS
  • Compulsory seminar on theological issues – no ECTS

SECOND Semester – Students can choose among two specialisations for the second semester

  • Food processing, innovation and tradition at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
  • Food technology at Ghent University

The semester offered at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore focuses on Food processing, innovation and tradition and includes the following courses:

  • Food Technology and plants – 10 ECTS
  • Food quality assurance and international certification – 05ECTS
  • Digital data processing – 05 ECTS
  • Law and regulation in food value chains – 05 ECTS
  • Food risk analysis and management – 05 ECTS


The University of Ghent (Belgium) offers a semester focusing on Food technology and includes the following courses:

  • Food Safety and Risk Analysis – 05 ECTS
  • Functional foods – 05 ECTS
  • Planning and Project Design – 07 ECTS
  • Scientific Reading, Writing and Presentation Skills – 03 ECTS
  • Packaging Technology – 05 ECTS
  • Food Legislation – 05 ECTS

THIRD Semester –  Isara (France)

This is a comprehensive applied semester enabling students to incorporate transversal and soft skills. They will include group works in strong cooperation with partner industries. The semester is made of three parts:

  • Intrepreneurship and sustainable development in food industries – 12 ECTS
  • Food processing and managerial innovation – 12 ECTS
  • Literature review  – 6 ECTS

FOURTH Semester

The students carry out their Master’s thesis at Isara or Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. It can also be carried out along an internship in a food organisation or food companies. Thus, the master thesis will be supervised by one of the universities. 

The Master thesis includes:

  • an independent project, research and data analysis on a topic related to sustainability in food supply chain.
  • a written thesis; thesis oral defense (60 mn) and skills developed the master thesis

Student testimonies

Chrispin from TANZANIA

Leonardo from Italy and Andrea from Ecuador

Husain from Afghanistan

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