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DIVYA DHURVE (Promotion 7)

I come from the central region of India, and my recent travels to European countries have been an enlightening experience. This MSc Sustainable Food Systems Program offers a double degree, so my first year was spent in Italy, and I’m currently in my second year of Master’s in France. This has been a fascinating experience as it’s entirely new to me, exposing me to a different culture. I’ve been particularly fascinated by the education systems in these countries. In Italy, I appreciated the close interaction with teachers, a concept I found valuable. Additionally, the food in Italy was a real delight, with dishes like pasta al pesto pizza mozzarella di bufala being truly scrumptious. Italy’s strong family-oriented way of life also resonated with my Indian background.

In contrast, my time in France has revealed a different mindset […]

[…] where people seem more independent. The education system here emphasizes practical work, often involving group projects and fostering extensive interaction among students. These projects often involve diverse groups, including both French and International students, which has been an enriching cultural exchange experience. The opportunity to work in pilot plant projects has provided insights into real-world manufacturing operations and the feasibility of proposed process technologies for food products.

I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Dairy Technology […]

[…] and following that, I gained experience as a Territory Sales In-charge at one of the largest dairy companies in India, where I worked for a brief period. Subsequently, I pursued a 6-month Executive Diploma in Food Analysis and Quality Assurance.

I embarked on this MSc program to gain a deeper understanding of how the food industry operates, with a specific focus on managing and minimizing waste and emissions in a sustainable manner. I chose the MSc Sustainable Food Systems program at ISARA and UNICATT because it aligned with my interests and offered compelling topics such as Introduction to Sustainable Food Systems, food Footprint, and Skills Management.

My career aspirations lean towards research and development.

My second option is to work in the sustainability department, specifically on CSR projects, particularly in collaboration with my home country.

Lyon, the city where I currently reside, has impressed me with its size and convenience.

Daily life is straightforward, and the transportation system makes it easy to explore the city. At school, I have had the privilege of interacting with a diverse international community, and I admire the way French people engage in group work. This interaction has been a valuable learning experience. I’ve also had the opportunity to connect with students from the MSc in Agroecology program through common French classes, further broadening my global network. It’s heartening to see such a diverse group of people at ISARA, and I’ve made great friends among both the international and French students.

I take pride in the rich culture I’m currently exploring, and I’m proud of my courage in venturing beyond my home country. It’s been a challenging but rewarding experience, marking a significant chapter in my life.

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