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Alberto PERACCHIONE, Italy (Promotion 6)

Susfoods student from Italy

I am Alberto Peracchione, Italian student graduated in science and technology for food and agriculture. I am 23 and my passion for food is a lifetime experience.

In my final years of school, I felt like I wanted to enter a world in which I know only the surface. For this reason, I started my bachelor’s degree and once I graduated, I saw the master’s in food Processing with Cattolica university, I instantly chose it because I wanted a major focus on the production and because I was looking forward to an international experience, I decided to study in Isara.

I honestly didn’t know this university before, but the plan to have a master’s in food sustainability attracted me considering the relevance of this matter.

In my perspective, the finest part of the master’s program was studying life cycle assessment methodology, but also the experience in the lab and the relationship with the companies for the groupworks provided a type of “simulation” of a job and that was intriguing.

The experience with the professors demonstrated how complex sustainability is, and one of the strengths of this master was the importance of measuring when making a decision based on sustainability, as well as the fact that sustainable decisions are often difficult to make, but it is important to remember that every path begins with a step.

I hope that with my private life but especially with my work I can make a difference somehow, also now I try to make groceries only from local shops where I can trust them and with a closer traceability.

For the people who want to apply to this program, I think some upgrades still need to be done, especially for the study plan. Having said that, I think it’s a nice experience and I recommend studying French in order to find an internship in France.

At the moment, I’m doing an internship in Italy for a private company that has a relevant role for certifications, the department of food quality, DQA, I have started only from a short period so I have still to learn from my supervisors, but it seems interesting because the certification is one of the only guarantees that the consumer can find in a supermarket.

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