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Victoria CALVAR (Promotion 7)

I did a bachelor in biochemistry in the Netherlands. During my bachelor, I had the opportunity to do my thesis abroad and hence, I worked as a Research Intern in a research group in Barcelona. My thesis was about a novel and more sustainable methodology to produce extra virgin olive oil. I discovered that the mesh between sustainability and food was what truly interested me. This leads me to the desire to do a master related to both topics but also allowed me to explore different countries, cultures and languages since this is something that I value greatly since I moved around a lot growing up. With this master, I can add two more countries to the list and 2 more languages!

I really enjoyed living in Italy – it was a dream of mine to be able to live there.

I felt at home in Italy since the culture felt very similar to that of mine, in Argentina. The professors at UNICATT were very well connected professionally and had a vast amount of knowledge in a variety of subjects. They usually organized seminars with companies like Ferrero and the consortium of Parmigiano Reggiano, which were very interesting.

At ISARA, the teaching methods are much more practical.

The majority is group work and involves a lots of presentations, case studies and working with companies. Here we are given the opportunity to put into practice what we learnt theoretically at UNICATT.

For the future, I would like to work in sustainability, CSR and ESG consulting.

Ideally I would like to work for one of the major consulting firms as I think consulting is an industry that allows you to work on different projects, which gives you the opportunity to learn a lot. I would also like to work within a big food company and help in the development of their sustainability strategy and practices.

As a city, Lyon is gorgeous.

It is a very big contrast to Cremona in terms of size which makes it nice to have both the possibility to live and study in a small and big city. There are a lot of attractions and things to do so its extremely hard to get bored here. I personally really enjoy the marche de la croix rousse, where you can find lots of fresh food products at excellent qualities!

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