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Thomas RANCON, France (Promotion 3)

Susfoods student from France

I’m from France, I am 25 now and have a master’s degree in food and agricultural sciences. I was looking for a master’s degree encompassing an international context and a focus on how to make the food industry more sustainable.

I really enjoyed the whole idea of a small group of students from every places coming together in the same MSc program.

I think the most outstanding assets of this program are the fact you’re living for 2 years in an international context, improving your language skills along the way. I am still in touch with students from Spain or England and other countries and it is quite valuable.

I should also stress out the quality of the scientific teaching I received in Ghent university where I spent the first year of the master program.

I am committed to sustainable development on a personal basis (this master program is also eye-opening when it comes to our impact as a society and individuals as well): becoming vegetarian, no more planes are some examples.

I think the higher your rank in a company, the bigger the impact you can have on the social and environmental issues it creates. I applied for management-based jobs, where I can make a difference.

I recommend you look for companies with minimal environmental impacts and Who try to mitigate it (for me only plant-based processing industries meet this criteria); Be curious yet critical about what you learn!

I found a job in the company where I did my last internship in about 2 months, then I shifted for a bigger company. I’m now working as a team manager in a company specialized in the catering and snacking industry in France.

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