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Joseph BEKOE, Ghana (Promotion 6)

Joseph Bekoe is my name, a proud son of the Ghanaian Soil. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Science with a specialisation in Economics from the prestigious Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi.

I chose MSc. Sustainable Food Systems program because sustainability is an emerging topic that is deemed to tackle food system challenges. Moreover, I wanted to travel abroad to further my studies and MSc. SUSFOODS, which is a double degree program offered by a consortium of European Universities offered me that opportunity.

In the first year, I was hosted by two major universities in Germany, the Universität Kassel and Fulda University of Applied Sciences. Some of my mates went to other European countries such as Denmark, Belgium and Romania during the 2nd Semester of the program. During the 3rd Semester, we all returned to ISARA-Lyon, France.

The Program has endowed me with state-of-the-art knowledge and innovations in the food industry, including food processing technologies, Life cycle assessment pedagogy, and responsible and sustainable food business in a global context. Now, I approach issues with a systemic view and holistically tackles them.

The SUSFOODS program attracts students from all walks of life and with multidisciplinary backgrounds. This has drastically improved my intercultural and interpersonal relationships.

My master thesis is about understanding the activities of organic fruit and vegetable importers in Germany. The study is envisaged to bridge the gaps in our knowledge and boost consumer confidence in purchasing imported organic fruits and vegetables.

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