The partnership between the 2 universities is very recent. The name of the master’s is Food processing IT. We study food product, the engineering of the processing, the specific materials, animal product, food product…

I started this degree last year in September, in Italy. At the beginning in my university, we had very theoretical courses on plant and animal production. At Isara, it is more applied subjects with many connections with the business world. In Italy, it is more oriented to do research in laboratories.

The specificities of Isara ? 

At Isara, we work in small groups. I think that it’s a good point to have concrete touch with the company. It is a first entrance with the working world. We are following companies’ projects and it gives us the opportunity to exchange with them. We work on concrete data, that companies are sharing with us. For example, at the moment with my group, we are carrying out a study on a US case on corn company data. We are studying the life cycle assessment of the product, comparing emission of gas and waist in general. We also have a case study with a French and local beer manufacturer on the process of fermentation. Every week, we have a call with the company, it’s like we are working for real. We have to find how to save CO2 and look at carbon emitted from the fermentation. It is very linked to the environment and I really enjoy the subject.

When I project myself professionally, I know that I would like very much to work in sweet baked products. There is in this production, many challenges linked to sustainability. There is a lot of work to be done for companies and farms to reduce their greenhouse gas emission.  I would also like to work in chain of production and research & development. I am open to work anywhere for an international company. I think that there could be many rules and decisions that many companies could take. In order to save our future, my role is to follow the trend to protect the planet. We all need to take our part. In the food sector, we need to innovate in that way.

At Isara, I was very well welcomed. The student’s associations are very active. I have been participating in events organized by Isar’rivent. It is easy to meet students. I created a link with my class. We are 17 students following the MSc in sustainable food systems. It is really a good experience for me to be here.

What about Lyon ? When I arrived in Lyon, I was very surprised by the city. It’s beautiful with many different landscapes. The student life in Lyon is very good for living. It is not too fast as a big city. Sometimes, I am also badly surprised, because people don’t make any efforts to speak English.