Where are they from ? Why did they choose this programme ? What is the professionnal project ? You will learn all about their motivation and the reasons that led them to follow this program.

Testimonies in video

Thanks to Chrispin from TANZANIA

Thanks to Leonardo from Italy and Andrea from Ecuador

Thanks to Husain from Afghanistan

They talk about the program, their profil and professional will...

Soha Abi Raad, Lebanon
(Promotion 6)

My name is Soha, I am 28 years old from Lebanon. I graduated with a bachelor’s from the American University of Beirut in food science and management back in 2015 then worked in the dairy industry as a quality assurance coordinator for a duration of 5 years before enrolling in this master program.

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Chrispin BONIFACE, Tanzania (Promotion 6)

My name is Chrispin Boniface from Dar es salaam,Tanzania. I did my bachelor’s degree in food science and technology in Tanzania. After my first degree, I engaged with several development organisations where I cultivated my passion for sustainability and international development.

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Marie KROTTENHALER (Promotion 6)

I studied Food Technology for my bachelor’s degree and worked for two and a half years as a Food Technologist before I started this Double Degree Programme. Gaining some work experience before starting my master’s degree helped me to figure out which direction I want to go, and in which subjects I am most interested.

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Moez HAJJI, Tunisia
(Promotion 6)

I’m Moez Hajji, I’m 26 years old and I’m from Tunisia. In 2019, I graduated as a food processing engineer and launched a small project specializing in black garlic manufacturing. 

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Ishani Shenbaga Saravanan, India (Promotion 6)

I am Ishani Shenbaga Saravanan, and I’m 22 years old. I’m from India, and I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in food processing and quality control before joining MSc Sustainable food systems at ISARA.

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Husain SADEQI, Afghanistan
(Promotion 6)

After about 10 years of working in my homeland Afghanistan in different development projects in agriculture, food and livelihoods, I had decided to level up my career prospects and step into a more responsible and practical field of work in food and agriculture.

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Miriane Fongoune Djague, Cameroon (Promotion 6)

My name is Miriane Fongoune Djague, 26 years old. I am from Cameroon, student of the  MSc Sustainable Food Systems. I graduated with a bachelor of science in food and nutrition, then turned to ISARA where I continue my training in sustainable food systems for my masters.

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Laura Quineche Minaya, Peru (Promotion 6)

In Peru, I did my Bachelor’s Degree in Food Engineer with a big focus on processing and
technology, this gave me the opportunity to work during 4 years in a well-known food
manufacturing company in the area of Quality.

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Emmanuelle Kwedja, Cameroon (Promotion 6)

I am Emmanuelle Kwedja. I am a 26 years old, International student from Central Africa, Cameroon. I studied Food Science and Technology at the College of Technology, University of Bamenda in Cameroon.

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Alberto PERACCHIONE, Italy
(Promotion 6)

I am Alberto Peracchione, Italian student graduated in science and technology for food and agriculture. I am 23 and my passion for food is a lifetime experience.

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Silvia SIBILLE, Italy
(Promotion 4)

Silvia Sibille from Italy holds a bachelor’s degree in gastronomic sciences and has been part of the Sustainable Food Systems Program since 2018.

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Thomas RANCON, France
(Promotion 3)

I ‘m from France, I am 25 now and have a master’s degree in food and agricultural sciences. I was looking for a master’s degree encompassing an international context and a focus on how to make the food industry more sustainable.

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Pablo LOPES GALLO, Colombia
(Promotion 3)

« I am following this master mainly because I would like to change the food industry to a more sustainable way, try to give enough food for everybody while preserving the planet. During this master, you can follow a lot of courses which helps you to undestand what is sustainabily and how to reach those causes. This is mainly why I am here.

In Colombia, I studied management and agriculture. During this programme, I learned very usefull tools about sustainability. I made a lot of academic contacts very usefull for building your carrier. And now we are here in France, also very nice because you’re changing the language, the culture and you learn a lot. Even if the countries are very closed, the cultures change.»

Maike CARTSBURG, Germany
(Promotion 3)

« I studied nutritional sciences before for my bachelor in Munich, I decided to start with this master programme in sustainable food systems as I wanted to know more in a scientifical way how food is produced from the agricultural part, up to the consumers. 

What is involved in this all process and this master are perfect to know more about the food chain, to be more efficient and sustainable to ensure for the future that we have food enough for the all world.

For the third semester, I am here in ISARA for studying the all sustainable development within the food industry. We started the semester with a trip in Italy visiting different food industries, cheese production, ham production, flour production… and a big company like Lavazza. We had a big range of companies from small companies to bigger company so we could have a good insight on how they produced their food as well as the sustainability behind it. »

Ohemaa Achiaa AGBOLOSOO-MENSAH, Ghana (Promotion 3)

« I Studied for my bachelor, agriculture : crop science, animal science, social science,  economics and horticulture.  

After my bachelor, I decided to be more specific and to move in just one direction. I decided to focus on organic agriculture, but during my research for my master, I thought there was something more than organic wich is called sustainability, bringing me to study the all food systems.

For my third semester, I am  studying at ISARA, in France. Last week, we visited Italy, Parm and Torino, meeting big industrial companies like Lavazza and ham industry. Very interesting because it was an opportunity to do the link with what I had studied on food quality, from production to consumers. I could meet industry’s players, ask questions and put my knowledge into practice. 

I was happy to have knowledge in pur agriculture and move on sustainability and undestand food indutries and see what goes on in there. »

Richard NORIEGA GOYAS, Perou
(Promotion 3)

« I studied for my bachelor in agri industry engineering and agri business in Lima. I decided to come at Isara to study master in sustainability which is nowadays a trending regarding good health, good food and good production. I like this master because you are in different places. The first year I studied in Germany, in the university of Kassel and Fulda. I studied for one year sustainable supply chain.

I travelled a lot with this master, and with Isara we went to Italy for the course, Sustainable development in Food Industries. It was great, we all know that Italy has a really long history regarding food culture. I thought it was very interesting to notice how the indutries are nowadays concerned by sustainability from small size companies to bigger one.

Passioned by food, I am so glad to be in France. I can eat everyday cheese, saucisson and bred which I love so much.» 

Verena LAUBENBACHER, Germany
(Promotion 2)

Why chosing this programme ? What is your professionnal project in the futur ?

Badis BOUBAKER, Tunisia
(Promotion 1)

After a Bachelor degree in Food Industry, interested in sustainability, Badis decided to follow a master programme abroad and applied for the MSc sustainable Food Systems.

Why did you choose this programme ?
As this master can be done in different places according to the partners’ universities, I started this programme with 2 semesters in Germany. A great opportunity for me to improve German and especially, English as all the lectures are taught in English.

I really enjoyed studying there, learning a lot on Sustainability, the European regulation, the legislation… I also took courses on food industry”.

Ching-Yu CHANG, Taiwan

(Promotion 1)

Ching-Yu has a master’s degree in agronomy from the National Taiwan University. After her master, she wanted to study food and applied for this programme.

Why did you choose this programme ?
I chose this programme because it’s a joint degree then I could have the chance to study at several universities, meeting different cultures. Also the courses are all in English which was an important point for me.

For the MSc Sustainable food Systems, I started in Germany, then Belgium.  Since September, I have been following courses at ISARA-Lyon.

I chose this programme because I wanted to change from agronomy to food, from the producer to the customer.