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Fabrice KAKAMBI (Promotion 7)

I am proud… to be in an international program which raises the question of “sustainability” because today this notion affects the entire world. In addition, I am delighted to share all these thoughts with a very international class with very different life experiences.

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Emma FEDERICI (Promotion 7)

In September 2022 I started my master’s degree in Food Processing at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Cremona, then I found out the opportunity to do a double degree in Sustainable Food Systems at ISARA and I decided to move to Lyon for the last year of my studies.

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DIVYA DHURVE (Promotion 7)

I embarked on this MSc program to gain a deeper understanding of how the food industry operates, with a specific focus on managing and minimizing waste and emissions in a sustainable manner. I chose the MSc Sustainable Food Systems program at ISARA and UNICATT because it aligned with my interests and offered compelling topics such as Introduction to Sustainable Food Systems, food Footprint, and Skills Management.

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Victoria CALVAR (Promotion 7)

For the future, I would like to work in sustainability, CSR and ESG consulting. Ideally I would like to work for one of the major consulting firms as I think consulting is an industry that allows you to work on different projects, which gives you the opportunity to learn a lot. My backup plan is to work within a big food company and help in the development of their sustainability strategy.

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